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Folk Song Café

Celebrating traditional song in all its richness and variety. 
Come prepared to laugh, cry – and join in the choruses!

Kitchen Garden Café, York Road, Kings Heath B14 7SA map Thursday 20 January, 7:30pm


2010 sees the debut of a new English band that has already been described as “dynamite” and “worth the airticket from Canada”. The Melrose Quartet brings together the widely recognised talents of Nancy Kerr, James Fagan and Richard and Jess Arrowsmith.

Powerful and tuneful four-part harmony singing combines with Jess and Nancy’s crunchy twin fiddles, Richard’s stonking melodeon and James’s trademark guitar-bouzouki in a set of all-new synergistic arrangements that will leave you reeling. Since recently becoming neighbours, the four have shared a lot of pie and many a late night. Most excitingly they have found an instant rapport that will leap off the stage and surround you with intoxicating musical joy.

Tickets: £8 from the Garden Shop counter or call 0121 443 4725
Delicious food available from 6:30pm

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